Monday, February 13, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

How about a few high quality iPhone pictures to show you...
I made my little man a jar of hearts. 
 Its a cute little decoration for Valentines Day and a fun game of dump and fill for him.
I am obsessed with felt lately!
Valentines Cards for Daddy and to mail to our Grammie and Pops in Arkansas.
Valentines for our cousins went out in the mail last week.  We miss them all so much!

I could not resist including both of these.  I gave my guys their Valentines treats Saturday morning.  The 3 of us don't wake up at the same time during the week and I wanted gifts followed by breakfast.  They had both just woken up, but check out our little guys face in the first picture... melt my heart... and I like how it looks like they were both showing off their treats in the second.  Total fluke cause my little guy was probably trying to rip open his newest chugger.
(Notice the Hubby's new chalkboard heart coffee mug in the bottom.... I was gonna make, but Target sold them, so we both got one:)
My man working hard in the garage on a wedding present for some of our favorite folks.
A homemade dirty murder board.  My husbands family plays this game and all have homemade boards either from his Grandpa, or from his Dad. 
 We have our friends, Samantha & Tucker, play with us when they come over and they requested one of their own... They will be tying the knot on 3/3/12 (notice the adorable dice placement).  We are so excited and happy for them and hope they enjoy their board and always have fun together:)
Their present kicked off our Dirty Murder Dinner Party.  Four couples.  A couple kiddos running around and some amazing food... check out the birthday boys steaks.  Mr. Jefferson makes an ah-maz-zing steak.   
and my new favorite go to dessert for a group.... Rolo Brownie Bites with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting from Cook Lisa Cook.  Make them.  You will love them.
and a night cap with Lucas... he would be very unhappy with me calling him that and quickly tell me "I am not Lucas"... one of our best buddies and our neighborhood super hero!

A few highlights from our month thus far.  I have been cooking up a storm too... More to come!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Night=Date Night

We were slow to start this, but better late than never.
 The Hubby implemented date night a few months ago. 
Being parents is the biggest blessing of our lives, but being grown ups, adult conversation, dressing up, and a trustworthy amazing babysitter make for a nice few hours a few times a month. 
(We tried for every Thursday originally, but its unrealistic at this stage of work and one year old, so we try for any Thursday that works out... usually about twice a month)
We rarely do movies, because you cant talk, I like to talk, but I have had movie gift certificates since my birthday (last April) so probably time to use them, right??
{Cheese and Sprinkles will you count the commas in that sentence... Did I teach high school English?  I wonder if they are used correctly?  I don't care, but I will text MJB and get a grammar check... She likes stuff like this}

So I won a bet... The Hubby loves a wager... I usually win!  I don't know why he keeps betting me!  I recently beat him in our College Bowl Game Pick Em and got a weeks worth of foot rubs.  The most recent win got me this movie pick, and anyone who knows me knows the following
1.  I love numbered lists
2.  I am a sucker for a feel good/grown up Disney type movie/animal movie
3.  By feel good I know I will cry, several times, but I love creatures...

Happy Thursday Peeps
Love, The Mom