Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Night=Date Night

We were slow to start this, but better late than never.
 The Hubby implemented date night a few months ago. 
Being parents is the biggest blessing of our lives, but being grown ups, adult conversation, dressing up, and a trustworthy amazing babysitter make for a nice few hours a few times a month. 
(We tried for every Thursday originally, but its unrealistic at this stage of work and one year old, so we try for any Thursday that works out... usually about twice a month)
We rarely do movies, because you cant talk, I like to talk, but I have had movie gift certificates since my birthday (last April) so probably time to use them, right??
{Cheese and Sprinkles will you count the commas in that sentence... Did I teach high school English?  I wonder if they are used correctly?  I don't care, but I will text MJB and get a grammar check... She likes stuff like this}

So I won a bet... The Hubby loves a wager... I usually win!  I don't know why he keeps betting me!  I recently beat him in our College Bowl Game Pick Em and got a weeks worth of foot rubs.  The most recent win got me this movie pick, and anyone who knows me knows the following
1.  I love numbered lists
2.  I am a sucker for a feel good/grown up Disney type movie/animal movie
3.  By feel good I know I will cry, several times, but I love creatures...

Happy Thursday Peeps
Love, The Mom

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