Friday, April 6, 2012


My 1st Birthday
Birthdays are very special to me. 
I blame my Mother.  She always made a big deal out of our birthday.  Out of all holidays. 
She always put in great efforts to make us feel special and loved and a part of a big important thing: 
Another throw back 1st birthday shot!
I try to do the same thing for the people I love.  Bet you cant guess my love language;)
Every year when my day rolls around I start getting excited. 
This  year I celebrate 29 years.  I thank God every day for each day I am given and all the many blessings I have been given over these 29 years. 
Surprise 21st birthday!  Western Themed:)
This years birthday has been nothing short of amazing.
My husband surprised me, spoils me, made me extremely happy when he dropped this box in front of me a little over a week before my birthday:
there is no denying his manhood with a wrapping job like this, and there is no denying his love for me in so many ways when this was inside of it
not only did my hubby get me my Canon Rebel T3i... he also got my the 50 mm lens that was #2 on my wish list and some kind of bundle so it came with lots of extra goodies.  I spent forever stalking my favorite blogs and bugging all my friends to decide on what type of camera and what type of lens I wanted as I stepped up from my beloved Sony Point and Shoot.  I landed on this and could not be more pleased.  So I hope to have less iPhone pictures on the blog and more real pictures with real light:)  (I promise it is on manual, Casey, you just cant see:)

Following this amazing surprise from the love of my life I was brought to tears with these

My friend, Casey, is amazing at everything she does:  life, mommying, hosting, sorbet making, and picture taking.  Look at her work.  She truly captured our everyday life.  I stay home with my beautiful baby boy.  Daddy works hard to provide for us and for us to afford this lifestyle.  There is not much glamorous about it, but its mine, and it is everything I have ever dreamed of, and more.  The pictures show it in all of its glory and I will treasure these for all of my days.  Thank you my dear friend. 

Then I received this in the mail:

did I hit the friend jackpot or what?  My friends went to Germany recently and knowing I have an affinity to all things German (thanks to my Grandma Arnold) I received a box of goodies and a note that made my whole day!  Lizard is one of those friends that I can not talk to for months and then be up to speed with in two seconds.  Her last visit over we sat on the couch together for about two hours and discussed two things:  a girl she worked with at one point and the many options available when toilet paper shopping and which is the best and why.  My husband that night in bed said "do y'all seriously always talk like that?"  It made me laugh and smile and realize we do!  We are comfortable and non complicated and friends who can discuss our joys and our disappointments and toilet paper and enjoy every second of it!  I am ever so thankful for the day I walked into History 437:  Ancient and Medieval Britain and met this friend I know I will have forever.  
forgive the messed up picture, but here is a pic of us with some fellow "history groupies" wrapping up a semester all smiles!

I woke up on April 5th and was immediately greeted with a phone call from my nieces singing me Happy Birthday.  I was flooded throughout the day with phone calls and text messages from all my dear friends and family. I got beautiful cards in the mail and sweet notes, and I got to see a beautiful healthy growing little baby that will remain gender neutral until August:). My cup runneth over... Thank you all for playing such a special part in my life.  You make it better.  
Around dinner time our sweet babysitter, Paige, showed up to give us a grown up evening out.  The Hubby had not told me much, only to get dressed for outside in Texas weather and when to be ready.  Little did I know I would shed some tears before dinner when Paige gave me my birthday gift.  She is so thoughtful and made a photo book for me filled with special pictures of my family and friends and trips and my two guys.  Melt my heart!
Then we headed to dinner.  Pulled up at a happenin local spot and walked out to an awesome patio with some of my favorite people.  My Aunt came in from Lake Charles and my beautiful cousin detoured on her way home from Austin.  My Beaumont besties all made it out despite their sick kiddos at home.  I hardly go a day without speaking with these two ladies and it would not have been a birthday without them:)  My sneaky little Husband surprised me and planned this little pow wow.  It was perfect.  I really don't think I could have asked for a single other thing in the world. 
Our friends the Hoyts couldn't come, because they have family in town for Papa Hoyts big #50 Saturday, and Patti personally made me that beautiful cake:) Chocolate cake with Butter cream icing... yum yum yum!
The Hubby and I finished the night off putting a train together for our little man and watching Duck Dynasty on the couch.  It just doesn't get much better.  The older I get the more I am realizing how much more the little things matter. 
and this is the man who made it all happen... I'm so thankful to be sharing life with him everyday.
We continued the birthday/Easter celebration with a little trip to the Kemah Boardwalk, but that is another post for another day! 
I hope this was a Thank You to all my favorite peeps... xoxoxo... love ya more than my luggage!
The Mom


  1. Awww!!! You made me cry!! I love your face!

  2. Casey,
    You aren't the only one! I boohooed when I read it too. I love you all Miranda! You are such a special person, an amazing mom, a wonderful bff and an awesome wife to a blessed man (I'm biased). Craig did an awesome job on suprising and showering you with love and attention, I can't wait to see how you reciprocate :-)

    The Lizard