Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Houston Zoo

I love a good family outing. 
My brother, sister in law, and two precious nieces came to visit this past weekend.  We love some family time and the weather is gorgeous... So we ventured out to the Houston Zoo.  If you are ever in or around the Houston area it is a must see place.  Its amazing.  Sprawling.  Beautiful.  Amazingly well maintained.  God's creatures everywhere.  It is worth every penny.  Bring your stroller, wagon, shades, sunscreen, whatever... Just be prepared and you'll always have a better trip.

 (We stop at a Fiesta Mart and buy our tickets ahead of time.  They are $2 cheaper per ticket and you get to skip the ticket line at the gate... Just a little tip... You have to buy them in cash at Fiesta, but there are 33 shopping markets in the Houston area so you are most likely passing one on your way to the zoo any way you go)

So here are some pictures I snapped while also chasing around kiddos and trying to not get separated from my group. 

The end of a long day... The cousins all had a great time. 
Yes, the Hubby is always silly in pictures. 

The Mom

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