Monday, May 14, 2012

It's A Girl

The Craft Family is finally getting a girl.  Grammie and Pops had two boys:  My husband and his younger brother.  Then our brother and sister in law had a bouncing baby boy.  Then... nine months later we welcome our little man into the world and the blue and green was overflowing. 
As of last week the trend has been broken and we now have a beautiful little niece.  Everyone is beside themselves.  Shes beautiful.  Her big brother may be her biggest fan, and does it really ever get any cuter than a sibling who just adores the new addition? 
She arrived one week before her scheduled c-section and two weeks before her due date.  The Super Moon was strong:)  So the baby shower post is late, but in my defense she surprised us early! 

so to make you smile... our beautiful new niece 8 lbs and 19 inches of perfection!

The shower was adorable... If I do say so myself:)
Grammie kindly offered up her home, since we do not live in the area, and both Grandmothers helped me pull this shin dig off.  It was prefect and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Here are some pictures (with links to recipes below).
The banner I made for the mantle with the gorgeous daisies Grammie ordered (which we covered the house in) and baby pictures of the parents:)
This was the table when you walked in the door.  More of the daisies in mason jars with limes along with Dr. Seuss Oh The Places You'll Go  which we used as a guest book for everyone to write a note in and then save for the baby and the pinterest sensation Wishes For Baby cards.
The Spread! 
The Beautiful Cake by Jamies Custom Cakes.  It was White and Chocolate layers with butter cream icing.  It tasted as good as it looked! 
Stuffed Celery
Cucumber Yummies

and our activity... We had a bow making station set up and we all made bows for the sweet baby girl.  It was a lot of fun and we used a tutorial for Boutique Bows from one of my fav blogs.
baby girl will have a bow for EVERY outfit:)
The Big Brother... Trying to figure out what all this girl stuff is for?
and last, but not least, a picture with my sister in law (and niece:)
God is good and we are thankful for the newest baby cousin, and we miss her already! 

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