Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She Said YES!

My best friend got engaged this past weekend. 
The Hub, The Little Guy, and I made a road trip to join in on the festivities. 
We were in on the secret:)  Her amazing fiance, Taylor, wanted everything to be perfect for her.  He wants her to be happy all the time.... How can I not be thrilled they are together:)
LeAnne is the kind of friend that everyone deserves.  Since the day we met she has been there for me.  Laughs/Cries/Trips/Packing/Counseling/Sharing/Advising.  She spent an entire week (off from her demanding fancy job) when the little man was born.  Not many people would do that.  I'm just trying to attempt to explain what an exceptional person she is with words... They are not enough. 
I could not ask for more.  Ever.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and I only hope I can be half the friend she is to me, and now I am so happy to start sharing her next part of life with her! 

So back to the story...
Taylor is a planner.  He's an engineer.  I am married to an engineer as well... So to some degree I understand their process.  It is totally different process from non-engineer peoples processes.  So Taylor planned.  He started months in advance.  He knows LeAnne.  He started with coordinating with her closest friends and family (that would be available) and making sure that they could be in Dallas the weekend they got engaged.  He wanted the two of them to be able to celebrate this huge milestone surrounded by people who love them.  It was perfect.

So Taylor coordinated everything.  He booked rooms and made reservations.  We all had little assignments to do like help pick clothing or set up skype (so LeAnne's sis and brother in law way away in Kentucky could also be involved.  Taylor's parents hosted us all. 
Everything went off without a hitch.  No doubt due to all of Taylor's preparations. 
Throughout a series of letters, a town car ride, and a rooftop in Dallas she said Yes!

The happy couple in all of their shock and awe then headed to Taylor's parents to "show off the ring" .  Little did LeAnne know the house was full of their nearest and dearest.  She was shocked... Poor thing walked in and didnt have a clue.  She saw her parents and sister and nephew and us and Taylors best friend... It was a lot:)  So Ill share a few special pictures... Including the best one.  When she walked in the room:
Surprise Sweet Friend
Showing her Mom her sparkle
Shanna and Will in Dallas to celebrate Anz
Louie sitting on LeAnne's handsome nephew
The adorable cake!
The Bride to Be with her Daddy
Last But Certainly Not Least:  Taylor and LeAnne's little girl Madam Louie

Congratulations Friends.  We Love You.  Looking forward to the next stage of celebrations.

The Mom

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  1. Oh my gosh! What great pictures! You summed LeAnne up very well :) love you both and cannot wait for the wedding!!!