Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Weekend Update


We had a lot of brass in the house when we moved in. Slowly, but surely, we have phased it out and updated to Oil Rubbed Bronze. One of the last things on the very long list was ceiling fans.
We could have bought new ones, but why when we can use the trusty ol' Rustoleum: Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Its way cheaper than a new fan. Its metallic... Its shiny... Its pretty! 

The after shots make it look black.  It isn't black at all.  It is the a dark and shimmery oil rubbed bronze perfection! 
Huge Thank you to my Amazingly Handy Hubby for all the leg work! 
I come up with the ideas... he ends up doing the work... and he does not complain! 
Yes, I appreciate him!  I'm blessed and I know it! 

The Mom

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