Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Boot

I would say it is arguable, but we all know that it isn't by now.  The Southeastern Conference is the BEST conference in College football.  It isn't my bias that forms this opinion... it is a proven fact by this Sunday's release of the BCS standings.  How sweet it is to see this:

We are a house divided... I am a Tiger Fan (#1... oh yeah:)  The Hub is a Razorback fan... The little guy is thankfully still neutral!  There are many opinions regarding this neutrality and one consensus among us:  Please Lord do not let him become a Texas fan:) 

A little story for you.  Several moons ago when we were dating and I was living in South Louisiana teaching high school C came to visit when it was time to put up the Christmas decor.  He and I went together to select a little tree for my house.  He helped me dig through rubbermaids and get everything ready.  He even lovingly put the lights on the tree for me (my least favorite part and now his exclusive duty as my man).  I always start with the colored balls and then move on the special ornaments.  I began decorating the tree and finished all the glass balls.  I then started on the ornaments.  C must have been doing a lot of television watching during this time.  I completed my tree and as I stood back in awe I looked to my loving boyfriend for approval and he said "Well that thing will never be in my house".  UMMMMM excuse me?  He then back tracked to say what a nice tree it was and that he never planned on having a purple and gold tree in his home. 
I lovingly told him that if we were to ever share a Christmas tree it would be because we shared a home and then it would be "OUR HOME". 

We realized then that we would have some fun compromises in the future.  Turns out we do share a tree and we do share a home, and now we share a handsome little fella. 

So why not have some fun?  Friendly little House Divided fun!

Our big game "The Boot" is this Friday afternoon.
Louisiana State University (#1) vs. University of Arkansas (#3)

The winner takes all in our house. 
As the last second of what we hope will be a good game (and I hope will be a Tiger victory) plays out the bragging rights commence.  The little guy will be changed into his mother or fathers favorite team jersey for the duration of the day (which just happens to be in Tennessee at the Clanton Family Reunion).  When we arrive home the victor will then decorate the team tree in either purple, gold, and tigers or red, white, and hogs.  Then we will spend the month of December introducing visitors to our team tree as they enter the front door and bragging about our team as we rub it in our significant others face.  Competition is healthy... in Moderation! 

Don't let me down Tigers... My little guy looks good in purple and gold and so does my tree!


  1. Haha! I love this!! Charlie absolutely despises LSU. I love this deal because he graduated from MSU, and you know the Bulldogs won't be beating the Tigers anytime soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yall should just keep the tree up past xmas and add a little more green to it for Mardi Gras. Cochon de Lose!