Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hat Season

When I think of cool weather I cant help but smile thinking of this precious picture of my little man.  (Courtesy of our amazing photographer, Casey Sturrock, at Haute Photography) It was in the 50s today in Texas... Finally some cool weather... It feels like fall has arrived, finally, when its actually supposed to be the beginning of winter.  The second it gets a little cool I go overboard with the warm weather gear on my little guy.  He is very hot natured, but I still get scared he will get cold.  One of my cold weather weaknesses has been hats.  They have got the cutest hats ever for little people these days!  We have a couple for this winter, and yes, we live in Texas.  One would be sufficient, but if you know me then you know I have never been good at moderation.  We also recently got a fresh new hat from our sweet friend, Jane, in Denver.  Our guy will be sporting this for the next few months and I must say I think he makes it look pretty good!  
I am going to squeeze one more picture in.  Indulge me.  How much fun it is to be The Mom to a little guy... Tshirt, Diaper and some boots to go outside and play with the puppies.  Every day is such a blessing.

Love, The Mom

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